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Fee Structure

New Students

New Students

- : KG to X XI to XII
Registration : Rs. 100/- Rs. 100/-
Admission : Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1500/-
Security : Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/-
- : (Refundable)

Note:(Annual fee Rs.1200/- may in genuine cases be bifurcated for payment in two instalments of Rs.600/-each in April & October).It is inclusive of building, development maintenance, library, Computer, E-Learning, games/sports, medical, activities, functions and welfare dues all combined together.


  1. All payment should be made by Cash/Banker's Cheque or Draft only.
  2. The fee may be revised at any time before or during the academic session.
  3. No refund of fees will be made in any case of students seeking withdrawal during the mid session.
  4. Those who wish to avail the bus facility as arranged by the school will have to pay the laid down conveyance fees as per school rules.
  5. Tuition fees including all other admissible fees/dues are required to be paid by 10th of every month; failing which fine will be charged as under :
    1. From 11th till 20th - Rs. 25/-
    2. There after, till end of the month - Rs. 50/
    3. For every subsequent defaulting month @ Rs. 50/ each.
  6. If the fee and other dues are not paid continuously for two months, the name of the student may be struck-off the roll and he/she will have to seek re-admission which is not guaranteed.
  7. Parents have the option to deposit fees in advance for the whole year.