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From The  Director's Desk!

Zilla Public School is an idea and an ideal. It is a boon to all those people who dreamt of educating their wards at a highly economical cost in an English medium institution. It is a dream for us to realize, we intend to evolve a very unique syllabus which would draw “Best from the west, more from the east, and learning to be a feast”. We are keen to make this institution a center of academic excellence and cultural force in the trust sense of the term. It would be a place for learning and intellectual advancement, a fountain head of new ideas and a center to foster the community sprit.

Zilla Public School,the first and only CBSE Affiliated School in Tamluk town ( CBSE Affiliation Number 2430152 ) aims to nature in the present and future generations, a deep respect and love for our cultural heritage and the natural environment. And to this end, we are not merely going to have a garden around the school but a school that houses a community center and is set natural environment created by the children.

With best wishes.