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Various cultural programs will be organized throughout the year and all students will be encouraged to display their talents be it singing, playing an instrument, dancing oratory or histrionics on these occasions, thus generating a feeling of mutual acceptance and oneness.
A programme will be designed to awaken cultural awareness and the development of the aesthetic senses, through Art, music, Drama, Quiz Debate etc.
Participation in various inter-school/ inter state competitions such as debates, elocution contests, quizzing, dramatics etc. Will be encouraged.


It is very important to offer a rich selection of co-curricular activities ti students of all ages, it is only through this exposure that a child becomes aware of its special interest and talents. This in turn allows a child to receive appreciation and acclaim and to grow in confidence. This confidence then gets reflected in other areas leading to all around growth progress.

The nature and range of these activities are not st talents of the students body and the faculty.

Co Ė curricular activities offered include Karate, Skating, Yoga, Music, Kathak, Dramatics, Drawing, Batik, Debates, Quizzing Painting Tie & Dye, Clay modeling and pottery, sculpture, Indian dance and Indian & Western Music, Hobbies, Publication, Special Interest clubs and societies, as also community services, special course in rock climbing, rifle shooting and horse riding are organized from time to time. Every child attends an activity period at least once daily.

Sports & Games

The school has a very large and talented sports faculty consisting of full time PTIís and coaches. Every student is expected to take part in the sports and fitness programme. The school provides an extensive sports and physical education programme.

Facilities include playing Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis and Badminton athletics, karate, table tennis, etc.

Community Services

A programme of community service, is designed to inculcate sensitivity to the plight of the less fortunate, ecological awareness and the dignity of labour.

Students are encouraged to undertake their syllabi, such as rural interaction, working with the mentally and physically challenged, working with the poor, making compost pits, campus gardening, tree-planting, paper recycling and waste management etc.

The creation of special interest group a interests.